Garden to Bloom

Our Garden To Bloom Service focuses on creating and nurturing a favourable environment for the development of individuals, families, and communities through the therapeutic art of horticulture. The proceeds from the Bloom Boxes will be used towards sustaining the organization’s programming ensuring accessible services for all. A portion of each purchase will also be going towards a donated Bloom Box to help make gardening accessible for low income families.


Gardening Session

Engages service recipients in gardening activities through cultivating, planting, and managing a garden to bloom herbs, vegetables, and ornamental plants. This session is a great opportunity for families to learn about a new activity to do together and bridge the connection between how we care for our plants and how we care for ourselves while promoting food sustainability.

**Gardening Session availability is subject to change pending COVID-19 by-laws

Bloom Box

The Garden to Bloom service includes contactless delivery to your door of a Garden Box with all of the items needed to begin your gardening journey. The box comes as a raised Garden Bed with soil, seeds, plants and accessories with some options of modifications and customization.  The Garden Box makes it easy to put the elements together to get your Garden Blooming! 

Key Points:

  • Garden Box Optionable Sizes .
  • Comes with a wire mesh and hardware cloth at the base of the box.
  • Great Urban Gardening System.
  • Ideal for growing herbs and vegetables.
  • Rot resistant.
  • Complimentary house blend of garden soil, seeds, and plants. 
  • Free assembly and set up of the garden box if requested

Starting at $249.99 plus HST

  • Color options include gold, turquoise, rose, green, and navy blue.
  • Square feet per area options are 8 sq. ft./ 16 sq. ft. / 12 sq. ft.
  • Wood is cedar and treated lumber
  • 150 Day Gardening Season Warranty
  • Non-Refundable
Box Size Options
  • Flower Raised Garden Box – 6ft. x 2ft. x 6in.
  • Vegetable Raised Garden Box – 4ft. x 2ft. x 12in.
  • Double Raised Garden Box – 4ft. x 4ft. x 12in.
  • Trio Raised Garden Box – 6ft. x 2ft. x 12in.
  • Two Tier Bloom Box – Tier 1 6ft. x 4ft. x 6in. / Tier 2 6ft. x 4ft. x 12in.
  • U-shape Bloom Box – 6ft. x 6ft. x 6in.

*Please note Non-Toxic paint is used for the colours with minimal amounts of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs so that the plants are not affected.

*All services offered will follow Public Health recommendations.

*All services are subject to a fee.

For more information about pricing, customization, or to order send us a message!

Benefits of Gardening

  • Gardening provides physical benefits and physical exercise as it promotes movement through activity- this helps release endorphins (the hormone that helps people feel relaxed)
  • Gardening is a mood booster as a friendly bacteria, known as the “mycobacterium vaccae” found in the soil, increases serotonin also known as the “happy” chemicals in our brain
  • Gardening reduces stress and helps with managing symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Spending time outside and having contact with the sunlight and fresh air improves our mood and benefits our immune systems
  • Gardening activities can provide a sense of purpose and worth by having plants as a living thing to care for- this gives people a sense of responsibility and can be highly beneficial for those struggling with their mental health through providing an outlet to keep occupied with