Ways of Wellness

Mobile Resiliency Crew

This program is a mobile service that engages service recipients (ie. children, youth, seniors and persons with disabilities) in a dialogue that promotes wellness. The brief intervention model is 4 to 5 individual sessions in the community where service recipients are engaged in activities that include therapeutic benefits, such as nature exposure, a walk, a jog, a game of cards, and gardening, etc. while creating a safe space to discuss emotional well-being and build coping tools.

Green Resilience

The Green Resilience program focuses on environmental beautification projects throughout Ontario. The goal of the program is to support in the preservation and cleaning of public parks, public spaces, neighbourhoods and communities. The projects include gardening, planting trees, and removing litter amongst other tasks depending on the setting. The Green Resilience program engages volunteers in the development of their communities.

Individual Counselling

Adulam Foundation offers individual counselling and therapy groups through Registered Social Workers. Our ongoing counselling services support families, children, and youth to meet their personal goals and access their full capacities through evidence based practices. Our registered Social Workers perform assessments and develop treatment plans for our service recipients through a trauma-informed lens and an anti-oppressive approach.

Life Skills Workshops

Adulam Foundation promotes wellness through supporting members and service recipients in building awareness of their capabilities and potential. Our Life Skills Coaching Workshops are facilitated by our trained staff and volunteers who hold a role that help service recipients establish meaningful objectives and build the drive and motivation to achieve them. The approach of this program is client-centered- providing a space for service recipients to focus on their personal development.

Wellness Checks

As a branch of our Mobile program, we offer wellness checks to check on the safety or well-being of vulnerable persons. Our goal is to connect vulnerable persons to the appropriate services as a follow-up to our wellness checks. Our team and volunteers are able to provide insight and assess safety, as they are trained in suicide risk assessment and suicide interventions.

Grocery Delivery Program

Adulam Foundation has been prioritizing their grocery delivery program to service single parents, newcomer families, and other vulnerable families during the COVID-19 pandemic. This continues to be a successful initiative during the pandemic. The program entails our volunteers to connect with families and gather a list of groceries needed and then they are purchased, delivered, and donated to families in need.

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