Life Skills and Mentorship for Youth

This program helps youth involved build on skills to balance and harmonize routines and expectations- using an intuitive and curious mindset that will connect youth to the core of their holistic health.

We have created an innovative holistic approach called “PIES” to apply within the sessions. PIES is an acronym used to describe the intervention approach that stimulates youth in the four vital pillars of human performance: physical, intellectual, emotional, and soulful/spiritual. The program offers a single provider who delivers consistent sports performance through PIES mentorship across various activities. Youth will gain access to a variety of modalities within the program that foster growth and personal development to increase their performance and discipline through a transferable resilient mindset. Youth will participate in a tailor-made plan including but not limited to breathing exercises, stretch work, yoga, jogging, journaling, movement therapy exercises, art therapy exercises, and more! Youth will receive one on one coaching from their assigned mentor, who will also be there to support youth in the engagement of the other modalities that may be facilitated by other professionals. 

Price: 8 sessions $299.99 plus HST

Ages: 12-18

Catchment area: Greater Toronto Area (Halton, Peel, York, Durham), Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Region, Muskoka Region, London, Ottawa and surrounding areas.


“PIES is such a cool way to gain confidence, work on discipline and gain transferable skills and coping techniques. I recommend the program to a lot of the parents of the youth on the teams I coach. I see it on and off the field.” – Coach Anthony

“I love the one on one component of the program. I feel like my son needed someone to give him the one on one space to develop not only the physical aspect of the skills needed to play hockey, but also the emotional mindset. He used to get so disappointed and discouraged after losing a game… now he just taps into a range of tools to deal with the disappointment and not let it get in the way of his love for the game.” – Dan


How often are the sessions?

Sessions can be either weekly or bi-weekly and may vary in length depending on the activity. (1-2 hours).

Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place in the youth’s community or home if they have an area and space where the sessions can take place.

Can we do more than 8 sessions?

Absolutely! The 8 session package can be extended by request and pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

Are the sessions all one on one?

Most sessions will be one on one, however if it is a yoga session, a yoga instructor may attend the session and both youth and mentor will be participating.

How do I know this program is the right fit for my child? 

Our mentors and staff members work hard to ensure that the program is a right fit and tailor the programming to the needs.

If I have more than one child, can they attend the sessions together?

In the intake process we can discuss the needs and interests of your children and certainly there may be ability to do some sessions together, however some prefer the one on one.