Daniela Glaser – Head Social Worker

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Adulam Foundation offers individual counselling and groups through our diverse team of counsellors and coaches. Our ongoing counselling services support families, children, youth and individuals to meet their personal goals and achieve their full capacities through evidence-based practices. Our team of trained professionals perform assessments and develop treatment plans for our service recipients through various modalities. We believe in an integrative approach to healing by applying a trauma-informed lens and combining a variety of evidence-based practices with holistic approaches.

We provide services with an anti-oppressive approach and have a diverse team of practitioners including IBPOC counsellors upon request. 

Life brings a series of changes and transitions as well as impactful moments that at times we may feel define our lives. It is within our nature for our minds and bodies to respond to a variety of life stressors and traumatic incidents. We work with children, adolescents, individuals and families who have faced trauma, anxiety, difficulties with emotional regulation, amongst other difficulties stemming from transitions and trauma.

Prices are based on a sliding scale. We seek to make mental health services accessible, and with minimal to no wait. Hourly sessions will typically cost $125.00-$150.00, however we are open to discussing needs and budget friendly accommodations.

Intervention/Treatment Approaches:

Adulam Foundation has created an innovative holistic approach called “PIES” to integrate in individual and group sessions. PIES is an acronym used to describe the unique intervention approach that connects service recipients to their four vital pillars of human performance: physical, intellectual, emotional and soulful/spiritual. Learn more about PIES.

Ecotherapy: Adulam Foundation facilitates eco therapeutic programming through counsellors and coaches. Ecotherapy refers to experiential, therapeutic and personal growth activities that take place in relation to nature, most often outdoors, with a focus on fostering individual and relational healing while also nurturing healthy interactions with the earth and other living beings. For example, individual counselling sessions while walking outdoors, breath work outdoors, stretches outdoors, and catering to plants while talking about coping and difficulties. 

Other intervention styles include:



Cognitive Behavioural (CBT)

Holistic Treatment



Trauma Focused

Solution Focused Brief



Compassion Focused

Culturally Sensitive


Experiential Therapy

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We support with the following challenges and difficulties:

Anger Management

Career Guidance

Coping Skills


Domestic Violence

Emotional Disturbance

Family Conflict

Life Coaching

Life Transitions


Peer Relationships


Racial Identity

School Issues

Self Esteem


Sexual Abuse


Suicidal Ideation

Teen Violence